Monday, October 28, 2013

Manic Monday

"It's just another manic Monday...oh, oh, oh, oh....."

Does anyone remember that song? I loved (ok, still do) The Bangles. In fact, my uncle was a Denver cop for I don't even know how long, and my sister and I would ask him why cops are always in donut shops-thanks to another Bangle's song, "Walk Like an Egyptian". Good times!

How was that for random!?

Let's bring it back in a little and focus-Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. I was able to run a few more errands, buy a few more items for the house, and finally get a game plan for decorating the laundry room.

We are now the proud parents of a sectional sofa, a dining room table, lamp, shelves, and possibly an ottoman/bed. Can you tell we've been busy? When we went to one of the furniture stores, this was in the parking lot...

Have a Mercedes-can help you move. Ha!

The ottoman we ordered pulls out into a twin bed. Whenever my Mom and brother come out to visit, my poor brother has to sleep on the couch. Our original plan was to get a futon for the office, but now with the ottoman, we can use it in the living room, and then when company comes over we can wheel it into the den/office. Multipurpose items are always cool!

The couch won't be here for another three weeks (according to the girl I spoke with today) but hopefully it will be here by Thanksgiving-which my Mom and brother will be here for! (YAY!)

Everything else we should have displayed within the next few days-including the wonderful shelves the Hubby made for me! We were able to purchase all the material and build them ourselves for half of what one shelf would cost us from Pottery Barn. I have to stain them still, so I'll post them later.

Until then, here is the Hubby working on them...

I also started a row of hooks for the laundry room, since the Hubby is famous for leaving wet clothes and towels on the floor or in the hamper. Here is a preview for you...

And the hooks....

I ordered a few items from Amazon for the laundry of the items are...

For the four prints it was only $7 (or close to) plus shipping. I loved the colors and I saw a cute sign on Etsy I was going to buy for $48.95 plus shipping. I think this is a little (okay, A LOT) more budget friendly!! Now I can spend the money I saved on something else!

I will post pictures of everything for you as soon as it is presentable.

For now stay tuned for Wednesday....I have a new idea I'll be trying out for each upcoming Wednesday-fun times ahead!


1. Have you ever heard of the Bangles? Favorite old band?

2. Who has used Etsy before and what did you purchase?

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