Monday, October 28, 2013

Manic Monday

"It's just another manic Monday...oh, oh, oh, oh....."

Does anyone remember that song? I loved (ok, still do) The Bangles. In fact, my uncle was a Denver cop for I don't even know how long, and my sister and I would ask him why cops are always in donut shops-thanks to another Bangle's song, "Walk Like an Egyptian". Good times!

How was that for random!?

Let's bring it back in a little and focus-Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. I was able to run a few more errands, buy a few more items for the house, and finally get a game plan for decorating the laundry room.

We are now the proud parents of a sectional sofa, a dining room table, lamp, shelves, and possibly an ottoman/bed. Can you tell we've been busy? When we went to one of the furniture stores, this was in the parking lot...

Have a Mercedes-can help you move. Ha!

The ottoman we ordered pulls out into a twin bed. Whenever my Mom and brother come out to visit, my poor brother has to sleep on the couch. Our original plan was to get a futon for the office, but now with the ottoman, we can use it in the living room, and then when company comes over we can wheel it into the den/office. Multipurpose items are always cool!

The couch won't be here for another three weeks (according to the girl I spoke with today) but hopefully it will be here by Thanksgiving-which my Mom and brother will be here for! (YAY!)

Everything else we should have displayed within the next few days-including the wonderful shelves the Hubby made for me! We were able to purchase all the material and build them ourselves for half of what one shelf would cost us from Pottery Barn. I have to stain them still, so I'll post them later.

Until then, here is the Hubby working on them...

I also started a row of hooks for the laundry room, since the Hubby is famous for leaving wet clothes and towels on the floor or in the hamper. Here is a preview for you...

And the hooks....

I ordered a few items from Amazon for the laundry of the items are...

For the four prints it was only $7 (or close to) plus shipping. I loved the colors and I saw a cute sign on Etsy I was going to buy for $48.95 plus shipping. I think this is a little (okay, A LOT) more budget friendly!! Now I can spend the money I saved on something else!

I will post pictures of everything for you as soon as it is presentable.

For now stay tuned for Wednesday....I have a new idea I'll be trying out for each upcoming Wednesday-fun times ahead!


1. Have you ever heard of the Bangles? Favorite old band?

2. Who has used Etsy before and what did you purchase?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

How NOT To Eat Your Lunch

Wednesday night the Hubby and I had my aunt over for dinner. She introduced us to a really good pizza place in the area, so now whenever we meet up that is what we have. Their meatball pizza is amazing! I always get a salad and try to fill up on that instead of the wonderful, carbtastic, doughy pizza. (Sometimes it hurts to be good.) This time I tried their chicken salad instead of the antipasto--definitely a great choice. Well, since my aunt and the Hubby were okay with consuming copious amounts of the doughy goodness, I had extra salad to take to work the next day.

Too bad this is what happened...

Whenever I have a salad I pour the dressing on it and then shake the container to mix it all together. It was probably just a matter of time before the lid flew just figures it would happen when I was really looking forward to it. In any case, it has been duly noted to make sure the lid is securely fastened prior to the commencement of any shaking.
Last night we had to run a few errands and were able to enjoy this beautiful sunset....
This happens to be in the BevMo parking lot. California, oh I dislike so many things about you, but never your sunsets with palm trees. The line inside BevMo was ridiculous! I promised the Hubby beer if I didn't have to keep him company in the garage (beer is always a good bargaining chip with him) so we made the stop so I could keep my word. Too bad there was only one register open...on a Friday night of all things! The guy behind us said, "This line is longer than the line to get to Jesus!" Yes sir, you are correct...but what does that say about mankind's priorities?
The evening ended with a scary movie....The Ward...wouldn't recommend it, followed by Love Actually (because I can't go to bed after a watching a scary movie...even a mediocre one). Yes, I had to bargain with the Hubby saying I would watch a scary movie as long as we could watch Love Actually after. Win, win!
During the movie the Hubby's feet got cold...I looked over and saw this...
Guess it is time to do some laundry!
We are also doggy sitting for my Mom since her and my brother went up to Northern California to see my great aunt. We paparazzi'd the poor dog, but I'll be kind and only share one pic (for now)...
I've already had my cup o' joe for the day...along with two raspberry pastries and half a mini loaf of homemade pumpkin bread (thanks mom!) so now it's on to the gym and more painting!!
We also need a dining room table-by Thanksgiving-so a little furniture shopping may happen. (Fingers crossed!) :)
1. What is the worse mess you've made at work?
2.Weekend plans?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Last Week

Thursday and Friday I was laid up with a migraine. I hate those darn things! So sorry for going all M.I.A on you. Saturday I was happily back to my old self...and had a major craving for a donut! Okay, truth be told the Hubby and I went to satisfy this craving late Friday morning, but the donut shop was all out of our favorite (well, one of our favorites). But, because we're cool and all, the donut lady said she would save us two of them Saturday morning. Yay! Donut lady to the rescue!!

Each one of these bad boys weighed two pounds...okay not really, but they were pretty heavy! (And oh so satisfying!!)

We worked on the house again all weekend and almost completed two rooms. The front room is finished as far as paint and baseboard is concerned.

Now I'm looking for photo shelves to put up behind the couch, kind of like these, but a little shorter and maybe off-centered from each other.


So after we finished painting for the day we went off to Hobby Lobby to see if we could find anything like it, but no such luck. We did find this though....

So funny! Can you see all the doggy drool on the car? Love it!

Speaking of doggy drool....

Pardon the towel on my head-I had just gotten out of the shower and had to harass my dog. He loves the attention. Have a good night! I'll try to post again before another week slips by. :)


1. Dogs in the car: Do or don't?

2. What's on the wall behind your sofa?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's Been A While

Hi all! Sorry for leaving you high and dry lately-been pretty busy over the weekend and this week. Let's start with the weekend (aka the fun stuff) and take it from there.

The Hubby and I finally got started on finishing the painting around the house. (Did you follow that? We had a lull of about two or three years.) We have more work than I thought, and only a few more weeks to complete it in until our big purchase arrives. (YAY!!) The biggest task: base board......dun, dun dun!!! Not all that fun of a task, especially since it involves sanding, caulking, taping, and painting. But nonetheless I found it soothing. I love painting-cue eye roll from the Hubby. He thinks I'm crazy for liking it.

In any case, I'm happy to say we finished the one room. (Well, two if the hallway counts!)

We also installed new switch plate covers for the electrical outlets and light switches. It is amazing how much those little touches dress the place up. We also painted the exterior of our front door-which it was desperately in need of. I will be sure to post some before and after pics for you soon.

Since we worked on the house both Saturday and Sunday, there isn't much else to tell you about the weekend. There really isn't much to tell you about this week so far too, now that I think of it. Last night we went to the gym and worked on bi's and tri's (I am already sore). Tonight we're supposed to do legs but my back has been hurting a lot, so I think I'll take it easy and see if it improves.

Today was Boss's Day-did you celebrate? I know not all of us have bosses we actually want to celebrate, but I'm happy to finally say that I do. My co-workers and I pitched in and brought then lunch. We brought in pizza from their favorite Italian place-makes it easy because they like the same thing, at the same place. This pizza was delicious! It was a white sauce with shrimp and chicken and fresh basil. YUM!!

To finish off the post I'll leave you with some more random pics.

I went somewhere during my lunch break last week and parked in front of my dream car, the Range Rover Evoque. Meant to send it to the Hubby but forgot....guess he'll see it in the blog now.

Found this popcorn and sent the picture to my mom-told her she should get it for my brother....bacon popcorn...he may like it.

Sounds pretty awful to me, but at least there is the with cheese and without cheese option!

Have a good night everyone!


1. What is the most you've ever worked on your house?

2. What is the grossest thing you've tried?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Is Here

Between all the Autumn foods-pumpkin, apple, etc., and the rainy weather, I do believe Fall has arrived! Which is perfect because I was getting tired of wearing sandals everyday. Bring on the boots!!!

Tuesday was a rather dull day, if I do say so myself. I persuaded the J-man into taking the day off from the gym and going out on date night instead. We went over to Teakwoods, a restaurant/bar/pub (??) close to our house. Since it would be horrible to go there and not get the jalapeno poppers, we started with those. YUM!

They’re stuffed with cream cheese and then wrapped in bacon. So, so good, but so spicy! Then we shared the Philly cheesesteak sandwich (no mushrooms for me!) and a side salad-although I pretty much ate the whole salad. Opps! Their fries are really good-thin, salty and crunchy.
I also had some shirts to return at Kohl’s that I ordered online. I had ten dollars in Kohl’s rewards, so I only ended up paying around $40 for three shirts. Of course, I didn’t really care for any of them so back they went. I thought, okay I’ll just get that money back and hit the mall. Ummm….no. I guess since I paid with the Kohl’s rewards money I had to get my refund on a gift card. Doesn’t make sense to me, as the balance after the Kohl’s rewards was what I was refunded, but there you have it. (It’s been two days, yes I’m still irritated.)
Moving on, after stupid Kohl’s we went to Trader Joe’s to pick up some apple cider. This is for my project….the brewery will hopefully be serving cider year round, but first we have to perfect the recipe. TJ’s cider is good to use since it does not contain any added sugars or preservatives. We bought ten 64 oz bottles of the stuff!  We may have also gotten side tracked by all things pumpkin.  
Let me tell you, that ice cream, oh my goodness! The Gods will weep…so wonderful-if you like pumpkin.
After TJ’s we went on home and had to bundle the doggies up, since it was going to rain…responsible parents are we.

And it definitely rained yesterday!

It was in the high 50’s, low 60’s and by the weekend it is supposed to be back in the high 70’s. I tell ya, the weather just can’t make up its mind. Even though today is supposed to hit 70, I put on my warm jacket, fur lined hood and all, and pretty much didn’t take it off all day at work. (It’s sad when 50-60 degree temps are cold to me. All the people living in cold states hate me right now….)


1.       What was the worse retail experience you’ve had?

2.       Where do you live? What is cold to you?



Monday, October 7, 2013

Future Plans

Happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed the first weekend in October!

We may have been a little over-zealous with our workout plans this weekend, but I'll get to that in a sec....

Since we made that large furniture purchase I told you about last post, my goal was to work on completing the painting and base board in the living room and family room. We started this before we even moved in (ahem, four years ago) and unfortunately it is still a work in progress. What can I say, life happens. Now that the Hubster is getting more and more preoccupied with the brewery I will have more time to spend on the house. So you will hopefully see a lot of before and after pictures coming up--fair warning right there!

So while we were supposed to work on the house, instead we went to the gym Saturday morning, followed by some work at the brewery for the Hubsters and cleaning the house for me (which I guess could count toward "working on the house"). Before we knew it, Saturday was gone. On Sunday we had the brilliant idea to run to the brewery-which is 6.75 miles away according to the Garmin.

We started out strong....really strong. Until we were about two miles away from home and my shins started acting up, then my knee, and finally the back of my heel. Needless-to-say, we walked the rest of it....making for an overall time of just under two hours. But hey, I didn't give up! From now on, I'm going back to my measly little mile until I can run it without shin pain.

By the end of those 6.75 miles I had never been so happy to see a brewery-probably what my Hubby experiences every time he drives by one. I had also never sweat so much that it dried and left little salt trails on my forehead and cheeks. Now that's sexy! :)

Now it's off I go to research my little project for the brewery.....want a hint? It's apple, it's yummy, and it's alcoholic.


1. What is the longest you've ran?

2. What is your favorite adult beverage? Or regular beverage? :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Catching Up

It's been a while, hasn't it? I think I blinked and an entire week went by. I wish I could say I was crazy busy doing cool stuff like traveling to exotic places and going on wild shopping sprees. But unless Arizona counts as exotic and buying water and half and half is a shopping spree, sadly I haven't been up to much!

Arizona was nice and relaxing.....I did a little of this

Followed by a little more of this.....(and yes, that is my Mom's dog....lying on the pool)

And then a little of this:

We went to Iceberg's, I've never heard of it but any place where the "mini" shake could feed a family of 6 and the different flavors of shakes takes up more room than the food on the menu is okay with me! My mom bought me the smaller plates I've been wanting, and then bought herself the Professional Kitchen Aid Mixer. I love my mixer, and know she will love hers too!
This, sadly, was my only purchase for the weekend:

A fan for my desk at work. It comes in handy after my walk around the block during my break. Since the rest of the week passed in a blur, I'll just show you a picture show of how it went. Housewarming gift basket for a friend and her husband who just bought their first house,

Chobani rebate coupons arrived in the mail-I see a LOT of yogurt in our future,

The purchase of a new bedroom set....okay, I joke, I joke! But we did make a rather large furniture purchase....


 Did a mile run in 10 minutes....felt like I was dying....

Sent this pic to the Hubster saying we missed him.....he didn't reply. Must be the sweaty face and dirty nose....

That finally brings us to today and this:
On my way home from work today, I was thinking that Fall is finally here and I need to run outside. I love, love, LOVE the Fall weather! Cool breeze with the sun shining-it is perfect! Can't wait to dust off the winter clothes!!
1. Which season do you prefer?
2. How has your week been?