Monday, October 21, 2013

Last Week

Thursday and Friday I was laid up with a migraine. I hate those darn things! So sorry for going all M.I.A on you. Saturday I was happily back to my old self...and had a major craving for a donut! Okay, truth be told the Hubby and I went to satisfy this craving late Friday morning, but the donut shop was all out of our favorite (well, one of our favorites). But, because we're cool and all, the donut lady said she would save us two of them Saturday morning. Yay! Donut lady to the rescue!!

Each one of these bad boys weighed two pounds...okay not really, but they were pretty heavy! (And oh so satisfying!!)

We worked on the house again all weekend and almost completed two rooms. The front room is finished as far as paint and baseboard is concerned.

Now I'm looking for photo shelves to put up behind the couch, kind of like these, but a little shorter and maybe off-centered from each other.


So after we finished painting for the day we went off to Hobby Lobby to see if we could find anything like it, but no such luck. We did find this though....

So funny! Can you see all the doggy drool on the car? Love it!

Speaking of doggy drool....

Pardon the towel on my head-I had just gotten out of the shower and had to harass my dog. He loves the attention. Have a good night! I'll try to post again before another week slips by. :)


1. Dogs in the car: Do or don't?

2. What's on the wall behind your sofa?

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