Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's Been A While

Hi all! Sorry for leaving you high and dry lately-been pretty busy over the weekend and this week. Let's start with the weekend (aka the fun stuff) and take it from there.

The Hubby and I finally got started on finishing the painting around the house. (Did you follow that? We had a lull of about two or three years.) We have more work than I thought, and only a few more weeks to complete it in until our big purchase arrives. (YAY!!) The biggest task: base board......dun, dun dun!!! Not all that fun of a task, especially since it involves sanding, caulking, taping, and painting. But nonetheless I found it soothing. I love painting-cue eye roll from the Hubby. He thinks I'm crazy for liking it.

In any case, I'm happy to say we finished the one room. (Well, two if the hallway counts!)

We also installed new switch plate covers for the electrical outlets and light switches. It is amazing how much those little touches dress the place up. We also painted the exterior of our front door-which it was desperately in need of. I will be sure to post some before and after pics for you soon.

Since we worked on the house both Saturday and Sunday, there isn't much else to tell you about the weekend. There really isn't much to tell you about this week so far too, now that I think of it. Last night we went to the gym and worked on bi's and tri's (I am already sore). Tonight we're supposed to do legs but my back has been hurting a lot, so I think I'll take it easy and see if it improves.

Today was Boss's Day-did you celebrate? I know not all of us have bosses we actually want to celebrate, but I'm happy to finally say that I do. My co-workers and I pitched in and brought then lunch. We brought in pizza from their favorite Italian place-makes it easy because they like the same thing, at the same place. This pizza was delicious! It was a white sauce with shrimp and chicken and fresh basil. YUM!!

To finish off the post I'll leave you with some more random pics.

I went somewhere during my lunch break last week and parked in front of my dream car, the Range Rover Evoque. Meant to send it to the Hubby but forgot....guess he'll see it in the blog now.

Found this popcorn and sent the picture to my mom-told her she should get it for my brother....bacon popcorn...he may like it.

Sounds pretty awful to me, but at least there is the with cheese and without cheese option!

Have a good night everyone!


1. What is the most you've ever worked on your house?

2. What is the grossest thing you've tried?

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