Saturday, October 26, 2013

How NOT To Eat Your Lunch

Wednesday night the Hubby and I had my aunt over for dinner. She introduced us to a really good pizza place in the area, so now whenever we meet up that is what we have. Their meatball pizza is amazing! I always get a salad and try to fill up on that instead of the wonderful, carbtastic, doughy pizza. (Sometimes it hurts to be good.) This time I tried their chicken salad instead of the antipasto--definitely a great choice. Well, since my aunt and the Hubby were okay with consuming copious amounts of the doughy goodness, I had extra salad to take to work the next day.

Too bad this is what happened...

Whenever I have a salad I pour the dressing on it and then shake the container to mix it all together. It was probably just a matter of time before the lid flew just figures it would happen when I was really looking forward to it. In any case, it has been duly noted to make sure the lid is securely fastened prior to the commencement of any shaking.
Last night we had to run a few errands and were able to enjoy this beautiful sunset....
This happens to be in the BevMo parking lot. California, oh I dislike so many things about you, but never your sunsets with palm trees. The line inside BevMo was ridiculous! I promised the Hubby beer if I didn't have to keep him company in the garage (beer is always a good bargaining chip with him) so we made the stop so I could keep my word. Too bad there was only one register open...on a Friday night of all things! The guy behind us said, "This line is longer than the line to get to Jesus!" Yes sir, you are correct...but what does that say about mankind's priorities?
The evening ended with a scary movie....The Ward...wouldn't recommend it, followed by Love Actually (because I can't go to bed after a watching a scary movie...even a mediocre one). Yes, I had to bargain with the Hubby saying I would watch a scary movie as long as we could watch Love Actually after. Win, win!
During the movie the Hubby's feet got cold...I looked over and saw this...
Guess it is time to do some laundry!
We are also doggy sitting for my Mom since her and my brother went up to Northern California to see my great aunt. We paparazzi'd the poor dog, but I'll be kind and only share one pic (for now)...
I've already had my cup o' joe for the day...along with two raspberry pastries and half a mini loaf of homemade pumpkin bread (thanks mom!) so now it's on to the gym and more painting!!
We also need a dining room table-by Thanksgiving-so a little furniture shopping may happen. (Fingers crossed!) :)
1. What is the worse mess you've made at work?
2.Weekend plans?

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