Monday, October 7, 2013

Future Plans

Happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed the first weekend in October!

We may have been a little over-zealous with our workout plans this weekend, but I'll get to that in a sec....

Since we made that large furniture purchase I told you about last post, my goal was to work on completing the painting and base board in the living room and family room. We started this before we even moved in (ahem, four years ago) and unfortunately it is still a work in progress. What can I say, life happens. Now that the Hubster is getting more and more preoccupied with the brewery I will have more time to spend on the house. So you will hopefully see a lot of before and after pictures coming up--fair warning right there!

So while we were supposed to work on the house, instead we went to the gym Saturday morning, followed by some work at the brewery for the Hubsters and cleaning the house for me (which I guess could count toward "working on the house"). Before we knew it, Saturday was gone. On Sunday we had the brilliant idea to run to the brewery-which is 6.75 miles away according to the Garmin.

We started out strong....really strong. Until we were about two miles away from home and my shins started acting up, then my knee, and finally the back of my heel. Needless-to-say, we walked the rest of it....making for an overall time of just under two hours. But hey, I didn't give up! From now on, I'm going back to my measly little mile until I can run it without shin pain.

By the end of those 6.75 miles I had never been so happy to see a brewery-probably what my Hubby experiences every time he drives by one. I had also never sweat so much that it dried and left little salt trails on my forehead and cheeks. Now that's sexy! :)

Now it's off I go to research my little project for the brewery.....want a hint? It's apple, it's yummy, and it's alcoholic.


1. What is the longest you've ran?

2. What is your favorite adult beverage? Or regular beverage? :)

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  1. Longest distance I have ran (recently) is 3 miles straight, I almost collapsed after, too lol..... My favorite adult beverage? Hmm, probably beer, specifically a Pale Ale, IPA, or a Red. Perhaps even a Scottish Ale. Or a Sour. I also like Belgians. Ooh, and Saisons are awesome! Heehee, yea, probably best not to get started on those! Happy running, CHEERS!