Thursday, October 3, 2013

Catching Up

It's been a while, hasn't it? I think I blinked and an entire week went by. I wish I could say I was crazy busy doing cool stuff like traveling to exotic places and going on wild shopping sprees. But unless Arizona counts as exotic and buying water and half and half is a shopping spree, sadly I haven't been up to much!

Arizona was nice and relaxing.....I did a little of this

Followed by a little more of this.....(and yes, that is my Mom's dog....lying on the pool)

And then a little of this:

We went to Iceberg's, I've never heard of it but any place where the "mini" shake could feed a family of 6 and the different flavors of shakes takes up more room than the food on the menu is okay with me! My mom bought me the smaller plates I've been wanting, and then bought herself the Professional Kitchen Aid Mixer. I love my mixer, and know she will love hers too!
This, sadly, was my only purchase for the weekend:

A fan for my desk at work. It comes in handy after my walk around the block during my break. Since the rest of the week passed in a blur, I'll just show you a picture show of how it went. Housewarming gift basket for a friend and her husband who just bought their first house,

Chobani rebate coupons arrived in the mail-I see a LOT of yogurt in our future,

The purchase of a new bedroom set....okay, I joke, I joke! But we did make a rather large furniture purchase....


 Did a mile run in 10 minutes....felt like I was dying....

Sent this pic to the Hubster saying we missed him.....he didn't reply. Must be the sweaty face and dirty nose....

That finally brings us to today and this:
On my way home from work today, I was thinking that Fall is finally here and I need to run outside. I love, love, LOVE the Fall weather! Cool breeze with the sun shining-it is perfect! Can't wait to dust off the winter clothes!!
1. Which season do you prefer?
2. How has your week been?

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