Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Is Here

Between all the Autumn foods-pumpkin, apple, etc., and the rainy weather, I do believe Fall has arrived! Which is perfect because I was getting tired of wearing sandals everyday. Bring on the boots!!!

Tuesday was a rather dull day, if I do say so myself. I persuaded the J-man into taking the day off from the gym and going out on date night instead. We went over to Teakwoods, a restaurant/bar/pub (??) close to our house. Since it would be horrible to go there and not get the jalapeno poppers, we started with those. YUM!

They’re stuffed with cream cheese and then wrapped in bacon. So, so good, but so spicy! Then we shared the Philly cheesesteak sandwich (no mushrooms for me!) and a side salad-although I pretty much ate the whole salad. Opps! Their fries are really good-thin, salty and crunchy.
I also had some shirts to return at Kohl’s that I ordered online. I had ten dollars in Kohl’s rewards, so I only ended up paying around $40 for three shirts. Of course, I didn’t really care for any of them so back they went. I thought, okay I’ll just get that money back and hit the mall. Ummm….no. I guess since I paid with the Kohl’s rewards money I had to get my refund on a gift card. Doesn’t make sense to me, as the balance after the Kohl’s rewards was what I was refunded, but there you have it. (It’s been two days, yes I’m still irritated.)
Moving on, after stupid Kohl’s we went to Trader Joe’s to pick up some apple cider. This is for my project….the brewery will hopefully be serving cider year round, but first we have to perfect the recipe. TJ’s cider is good to use since it does not contain any added sugars or preservatives. We bought ten 64 oz bottles of the stuff!  We may have also gotten side tracked by all things pumpkin.  
Let me tell you, that ice cream, oh my goodness! The Gods will weep…so wonderful-if you like pumpkin.
After TJ’s we went on home and had to bundle the doggies up, since it was going to rain…responsible parents are we.

And it definitely rained yesterday!

It was in the high 50’s, low 60’s and by the weekend it is supposed to be back in the high 70’s. I tell ya, the weather just can’t make up its mind. Even though today is supposed to hit 70, I put on my warm jacket, fur lined hood and all, and pretty much didn’t take it off all day at work. (It’s sad when 50-60 degree temps are cold to me. All the people living in cold states hate me right now….)


1.       What was the worse retail experience you’ve had?

2.       Where do you live? What is cold to you?



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