Monday, September 9, 2013

Planning Ahead

You'll be happy to hear I did go to the gym Saturday! I even came up with my very simple running plan while I was there. I started out on the treadmill and did a fast walk for a few minutes, followed by increasing the speed until I was at a jog. I stayed at that pace until I completed a mile-without stopping. After that, I switched to the elliptical for 45 minutes. Not too shabby......So the running plan is to keep my "runs" at a mile but each run improve upon the time it takes to complete it. Once I get to about a 7 minute mile I will start adding on some distance a little at a time.

In the meantime I will continue to cross-train and do weights. But on Sunday it was more like:


Obviously I took a rest day Sunday....yes, a rest day, after two whole days on the elliptical. Phew....I'm an animal at the gym. Watch out!

I did get back into making protein shakes though-with my beloved Click Protein Powder. Coffee and protein? Yes please!

I mixed about 16 oz of non-fat milk with a big scoop of 0% Greek yogurt (mold free thank you very much), a banana, and spinach with three scoops of the protein powder. I normally add ice but our lovely ice maker bit the dust a few weeks ago. All in all it was still pretty tasty!

On a random note, I must share something I found kind of funny and yet extremely adorable. I was running behind this morning and wasn't going to have time to make my lunch, so the Hubster generously offered to do it for me. As I was getting ready I could hear him in the kitchen and at one point he asked me if I wanted some broccoli and carrots thrown in. I said sure-the more veggies, the more filling it will be right?

Well, my dear, adorable little husband even cut the carrots (which were already baby carrots)....take a look:

So sweet! That's how you know your man loves you! <3 :)

To avoid making my husband show his undying love for me again, I packed my breakfast, snack, and lunch while I was also cooking dinner. Two gold stars for multi-tasking!

Starting on the left, I have my salad with poppy-seed dressing, cottage cheese (which I'll add to my salad), veggies and hummus, and Canadian bacon with a laughing cow cheese wedge and a bagel thin. Yum!!

To avoid you thinking I go to great lengths to cook dinner, I should tell you that the lunch prep took more time (and a bigger mess) than dinner. We just had grilled shrimp and steamed veggies.

Neat trick: Put your veggies in a ziplock bag with a little water, seal almost all the way closed-leave about a one inch opening-and microwave for two minutes.....perfectly steamed veggies. LOVE IT!
Oh and lest you think I didn't go to the gym today, let me assure you I definitely did. Only to have the guy on the machine next to me ask me twice about the football game I wasn't even watching. Come on man....I was watching Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. Besides, do I even look like I would want to watch the Redskins and Eagles? Puh-lease!
Have a good night!
1. What do you take in your lunch? Or if you buy it out, where do you normally go?
2. Are you a talker at the gym, or do you tune it and tune out?

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