Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Shenanigans

We had quite the excitement in our neighborhood on Sunday-roads were blocked off, police were hanging around, bomb squads were out, and a helicopter was circling around (and around). What was all the fuss over? A backpack. Yep, a backpack some little kid probably left on the sidewalk and will never see again. I guess someone saw the backpack Sunday morning and alerted the authorities as it "looked suspicious". (How can a backpack look suspicious? I mean, at an airport, or event, maybe-but on the sidewalk!?) In any case, we haven't been able to confirm if there was in fact a bomb in the backpack....but it is nice to know the police are on the "better safe than sorry" method.

 Today was the usual Monday-boring and slightly slow. It made for a looooonnnngg day! When I got home I was ready to hit the gym! (What!? I know-shocking!! Pretty soon this blog will actually be a running blog.)

We changed, packed our gym necessities and headed to City Hall. (Errr......yea, doesn't everyone workout there? No? Okay then....)

The Hubsters had to discuss something with the Planning department at City Hall so we made a stop on the way to the gym. I've lived in this city on and off since I was 13 and this was my first trip to check it out. It is a really nice building, pretty sure its new, but I had no idea I drive passed it everyday. Opps.....way to be aware of your surroundings.

While I was waiting around....I snapped this pic for you all to enjoy

I know-so generous. Right after this pic, I walked into a big spider web...and until I was able to get home and shower, I kept thinking (at least I hope I was only thinking) that I had a spider crawling around on me. Not cool.....

Oh, and at the gym I believe one of the bathroom stalls was out of order. What do you think was my first clue?

Really?! Was all the caution tape really necessary? If I just saw an out of order sign I don't think I'd question it. I love how they even put the tape over the door know, just in case you missed all the other stuff. No biggie.

Dinner is going undocumented because it was a bunch of leftovers which did not look pretty. Hope you're having a good Monday night. Only four more days to go!


1. What are your thoughts on working out on Mondays?
I go back and forth-if I worked out on the weekend, its nice to take Monday off. But if I didn't (like this weekend) its a good day to get back into the swing of things.

2. Are you a leftover fan?
I am-but the Hubsters, not so much. It depends on the leftovers...meatloaf and enchiladas are the leftovers I can get the man to eat without complaints.

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