Sunday, September 22, 2013


Hello again.....I've been a little under the weather so I haven't really don't have much to post for you. Instead, please enjoy a few photos from the weekend.

I joined the Hubster on a trip to pick up kegs for the brewery...smaller kegs for the test batches. The tie downs kept coming undone and the kegs would start to crash into each other....good times.

 Since we were close, we also dropped in on my uncle and his family. They live in Rolling Hills in Palos Verdes-one word: Beautiful!

My aunt found a kitten a few days old last month and it was nice to see how much it has grown....

 Sorry for the odd face-the picture was snapped right when Maury decided to check out my nose. When we were in Torrance a little more frequently back in March and April, the Hubster found this pretty cool restaurant/brewery. It has really, really good food and according to the man, pretty good beer too.

I guess its become a favorite with my uncle too, since he goes there almost once a week now. But we all went out to dinner-my uncle, aunt, and my cousin. It was a really enjoyable night.

I love their pan fried noodles:

The veggies are cooked perfectly and the sauce is really good! In the midst of dinner somehow cell phones came up in our discussion and the Hubby brought up pagers. Man did we feel old when my 15 year old cousin said she'd never heard of them. Trying to explain it to her was quite hilarious! My favorite question of hers, "How would you read a text on it?" Love it!!

Sorry for the less-than-stellar post. I'll try to have more riveting stories next time, along with my next workout. (Yea-hard to hit the gym when your tummy is rebelling against you. TMI...sorry!)


1. Did you have a pager? Or something a little more outdated? :)

2. What did you do this weekend?

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