Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pumpkin Time!

Happy Sunday! Although Sunday isn't really that great of a day since I'll be back at work tomorrow, but for the moment, I'm not at work so things could be worse. :)

Thursday was uneventful-I did manage to go to the gym to do my leg workout, but the Hubsters had a lot going on, so it was condensed into a thirty minute session. Either I wasn't lifting enough, I didn't do enough, or I felt too rushed, because normally after a leg day I'm limping around everywhere. As much as I hate limping, I actually look forward to the muscle soreness-kinda bummed out I missed it this week. Oh well-next time!

Friday started out  perfectly with my supervisor bringing in pumpkin muffins from Starbucks.

 I absolutely love pumpkin things.....with the exception of the pumpkin latte from Starbucks. (It doesn't taste like pumpkin to me.) My friend and I shared a muffin-a good thing because if I had a whole one of these I probably would have polished it off...maybe...they were pretty sweet. Speaking of food at the office-stay tuned for a future post regarding gaining weight in the office and what to do about it.

The work day draagggeedd on-like it seems to do every Friday. Once I was finally off, I couldn't weight to be outta there!

Most Fridays we get something for dinner that may not be the most nutritious of choices-pizza, pasta, burritos, etc. Amazingly enough we did not do this on Friday. I ended up making pasta and flatbread for dinner and it was tasty!

I added spinach to the ground turkey to sneak in a veggie for the Hubster (who avoids veggies like they're the plague)

I added more spinach to the flat bread...

I also added some steamed broccoli florets to the pasta

But only mine-otherwise the Hubster probably would've dumped the bowl over my head. I also smothered his bowl in the sauce (as you can tell) since he likes a little pasta with his sauce.
That pretty much sums up our Friday...oh-a little bit of this may have happened while we watched Year One-pretty stupid movie by the way.
Hope you're having a fun weekend!
1. What did you do this weekend?
2. Pumpkin fan or no?

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