Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Workout...

Well-first workout in September, but more on that later.

My Mom and Brother made it back to Arizona Monday night. (*sigh) The house always seems a little empty after they leave. But, with the holidays coming up we'll be back to our usual nonsense soon. Since November last year we've seen each other at least once a month-sometimes A LOT more. I'd like to see how long we can keep this streak going.

After they left we had another visitor:

That was the most excitement for Monday.

So, Monday night was a quiet night at home with the Hubsters. We watched Zombieland and The House at the End of the Street. Let me just say, if you're extremely imaginative it is not a good idea to watch two creepy/bloody movies back-to-back right before bed. But I'll probably do it again-maybe even tonight.

I didn't get to the gym on Tuesday-work was a little crazy and I just wanted to relax when I got home. But here is a picture of my wonderful salad I had for lunch, thanks to my Mom's wonderful Costco card...(And yes-I did just use the word 'wonderful' twice in the same much for "extremely imaginative".)

Since I missed quite a few workouts-there was no excuse for today. As soon as I came home, I changed into my workout gear and got set up to do a nice workout at home. (Meaning, I was too lazy to shave my legs and actually go to the gym. TMI, I know, sorry!)

This was a fun workout, and with the Pandora blasting away I worked up a good sweat. (Or it could have been because the temperature inside the house was 85..YIKES!) Finally got this body in motion!

Word to the wise if your dog is inside and you're trying to workout it may be best to put him in a room and close the door.....

Downward Doughzer
Now it is time to relax and unwind before doing it all over again tomorrow....


1. Does your family live close by or out of state?

2. What is the longest you go in between workouts?

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  1. I try not to go more than two consecutive days without working out in some-shape-or-form. I find that after three days of not working out, I start to get reeeaaaal laaaaaaaaaaaazy. Its always harder to start going back to the gym than to continue.