Friday, December 6, 2013

Do You See What I See?

Hello and Happy Friday!

Wish I could say my Friday is going swimmingly, but I just can't. Last night I took out my contact lens from my left eye and it almost instantly started hurting. I flushed it out with some contact solution and still the throbbing and watering wouldn't stop. In fact, it kept me company ALL night long. Fun times....

It actually has caused me to call out of work today-not much I could do with one eye open. The Hubby drove me to the doctor and low and behold I have two corneal abrasions. Bummer....the doctor even took a picture for me:

No, I don't wear neon green eyeliner, that is the result of some numbing drops (which burned like crazy!) and some dye. Then the doc turned off the lights and used this handy little black light which revealed the wonderful two no-so-little scratches. Then he revealed some wonderful news; since they are so big, I have to use antibiotics because if it doesn't heal and gets infected it will cause problems with my vision. To make matters worse, he proceeded to patch my eye up. Sooooo attractive!

Sorry for the face sans makeup, but you try staying up all night with a burning, watering eye and see how well you want to get ready. :)

In any case, I won't be running today, and maybe even tomorrow. I am currently sitting on our wonderful new sofa and watching Burlesque with one eye, while wishing I had some more of those wonderful numbing eye drops...apparently I couldn't have more because they will stop the healing process. Not cool.

So my original Friday night plans of a girl night/birthday gathering (sorry Diane!) are canceled. Looks like I won't be putting up the tree tonight either....jeez!

To answer the question posed in today's blog title,, I do not see what you see. Well, maybe about half of it. :)

Night all!

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