Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Catching Up

Is it just me or did November go by too fast? I swear it was just August!!

I've been playing catch up since Thanksgiving in all manners of things-exercise, eating right, cleaning, taking down and putting up decorations, blogging, and Christmas shopping. Phew! Even with everything that was going on in my life last year, I think I had more gifts at this time then, than I do now. Falling behind is not a good feeling for me.

So....I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and overate. I kept thinking I was going to eat a lot, but I didn't do too bad. Yay! We had quite the feast too:

Three kinds of turkey, gravy, and homemade cranberry sauce

Green bean casserole, stuffing, and candied yams (the marshmallows melted)

Brussel sprouts and Japanese snacks
Our holidays are never the same unless we throw in some Asian flare-which fortunately enough my uncle provided since he lives near the good Asian markets.

Sadly enough, the pies went undocumented. Sorry!! They were really good though! Everything was delicious and went perfectly, as long as I don't mention how mashed potatoes were forgotten...thanks to yours truly. :)

I didn't do the Black Friday thing-as I can't stand crowds-but I did go into work. It was only for a few hours, and then I got to come home to this:

Apparently, the Hubby was correct and we did have termites in our kitchen counters. The wood under the counter to be exact. I am happy to report they did not go into the cabinet that remains or the wall behind it. Although...since I am getting my granite now, maybe if they had I would be getting new cabinets too....just saying.

I know it is Workout Wednesdays, but I have only worked out twice this week: 1. Monday the Hubby and I went for our regular three mile run and 2. Since the Hubby was busy at the brewery tonight I paid some attention to Mr. Mill (my treadmill) and did three miles. We are doing the Renegade Santa run in Irvine on next Saturday and I am trying not to embarrass myself. I haven't decided if we should do a 5k or 10k, so more on that later.

I do know that I am fully prepared with my newest socks:

How sad is it that I was smiling when they arrived today? :)

And I will leave you with a picture from our Monday night beautiful!

1. Anyone racing before Christmas?

2. What is one Christmas tradition you always do?

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