Saturday, August 24, 2013

Missed Workout....

I didn't get my workout in Thursday-it was a hectic day. I told myself I would switch Thursday and Friday around-take a rest day Thursday and do Thursday's workout on Friday. What I essentially did was take two rest days. So today-no excuses, especially since tomorrow is Long Run Day. (Cue ominous music!)

I was reading an article about whether or not you need to rest, which included the following ten signs:

1.) If you lost body mass from yesterday (more than 2%)-due to body-fluid fluctuation.
2.) Your resting heart rate is elevated.
3.) You didn't sleep well, or enough
4.) Your pee is dark yellow-indicating signs of dehydration.
5.) Your energy level is run down.
6.) Mood State: You're cranky
7.) Wellness: You're sick
8.) Pain: you're sore or nursing an injury
9.) Your previous workout went poorly
10.) Your oxygen level has dipped (Really?! Who can follow this?)

The article goes on to tell you if you have 0-2 its okay, if you have 2-4 to proceed with caution, 5-6 is a warning, and 7-10 is danger. I counted four reasons out of the ten, but then again I'm almost always tired, sick, and cranky. Ha!

It is interesting how we justify our lack of workout to ourselves. I couldn't just say, "I had a bad day, I need a day off'' and leave it at that. But I will try to, and work on keeping up the training schedule but taking those rest days when I truly feel I need to.

Moving on, last night was pizza night with the In Laws. (Yea, shoot me-missed workout AND pizza....well you're going love it when I say I also had pie!) Eating healthy, let' face it, can be boring and after a week long of veggies and lean meats, sometimes you just have to have junk.

As the night progressed we moved our hang out (along with brewery talk) to the back yard. We enjoyed the sunset,

and a booze-hound (haha....get it, get it!?)

Okay, if you can't be honest on your own blog, where can you? We may have enjoyed a glass (or so) of wine ourselves.

Hope your Saturday is off to a great start. Me-I slept in, started some laundry, and now completed a blog post. Let's hope the productivity keeps up. Next on the agenda: easy two mile run at home (on the treadmill), finish laundry, get some sun, and read some more of the book I borrowed. With all that, I bet you 90% of those things won't happen! :)

Happy Birthday Jay-Jay! Always in my heart <3


What are you Saturday plans?

Which day do you prefer to relax and which day for chores/errands?

P.S. The issues with leaving comments should be fixed-sorry! I won't make you jump through hoops to leave me a message. :)

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  1. Ditto on the Birthday for Jamie!!!!