Saturday, August 31, 2013

Expensive Purchases

Happy Labor Day weekend! Start your weekend off right-with a run! (Or coffee, or a drink-whatever floats your boat.) I wish I could tell you I went out for a nice morning run, but I didn't. I haven't ran all week. Plus side-I think my shin splints are easing up. (Could be a figment of my imagination though.)

I spoke with some co-workers that run a lot regarding any treatments they may know about for the shins, and both said to practice alternating walking on my toes with walking on my heels. This will strengthen and stretch the muscles in the lower leg and help reduce the pain. I will also be focusing more on cross-training and reducing my run to one or two days a week, and only a few miles-no more than two or three. (Cross your fingers....other wise this will no longer be a running blog, right?!)

Thursday and Friday were relatively boring at work-with the exception of Free Coffee Friday in which my boss buys our department Starbucks.

Can't beat Starbucks to kick your weekend off. Oh yea-that clock in the background-my five year anniversary gift. Five more years to go and I get to pick $1000 worth of merchandise from the Best Buy this company!!

But....speaking of Starbucks, has anyone seen the limited edition Swarovski Pumpkin Spice Latte Tumbler? It's not bad....real Swarovski crystals in the cup...and if you reserve yours now, they'll throw in a twenty dollar gift card. All this for $150 (yes, you read that right)-no big deal...I've got nothing better to spend my money on than a cup.

Speaking of purchases-the Hubster met me for lunch on Friday. Always a nice surprise, but then he also brought me a present:

YAY!! I've been staring at these every time we go to Best Buy and I finally have a pair! I researched these and read the reviews and they were one of the best ones on the market. I can't wait to take them to the gym. They can also be used with your phone, which I tried out and it was awesome. The Hubby said I am a good wife and I deserve them. (Read: I am so sweet and patient for listening to his brew talk, day in and day out, that he bought them for me to ensure I stick around. Haha....just kidding.) But really-I LOVE these and was so excited when I opened them.

Anyhow-enough rambling from me. I am off to enjoy the weekend with some family. My Mom and brother are in town from Arizona (and even they say its hot!) and my uncle and his family are coming in from Torrance, CA, and my aunt will all be here today. My bro is smoking some pork shoulder (and it already smells amazing!!) and Mom and I need to head to Costco (and maybe the mall-those Labor Day Sales are already going...) to get some more things for dinner.

I'm not the only one who is happy my Mom and bro are in town-

Luna knows she's only allowed on the bed when Grandma is she was milking that up last night while Mom and I watched random YouTube videos. Yea, watch out, we get crazy on Friday nights around here.

Hope you have a great weekend! Stay safe!


1. What was one of your most expensive, and unnecessary purchases? Do you regret it?

2. What is one thing you want now, if you could splurge on yourself?

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  1. A splurge? I would REALLY like to go to Hawaii!!! Like... REALLY!!!!!