Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome Back

Did you miss me? Okay....don't answer that.

Sorry for going MIA on you guys-I had a pretty bad migraine Sunday night that didn't ease up until yesterday. So, I obviously haven't worked out since Saturday-but at least I did do my easy run of three miles. I also read two books (Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and Catch Me by Lisa Gardener). Both were excellent if you are into mysteries and whodunit type books.

But first let's back track to Saturday afternoon. After the hubby finished all the biz-nizzle (okay, that was lame-I will never do that again) we went out to run some errands. First up:

We splurge every weekend and get coffee-Starbucks, It's A Grind, Coffee Bean, etc. If it has caffeine, we're game. (But Coffee Bean has the BEST ice blended drinks!) After we were refreshed-and on a sugar high-the hubster needed new shoes, so we headed over to check some out:

He ended up getting the grey pair. Very nice......

After shoes, it was on to my favorite place, with the worst parking lot ever...Trader Joe's! I love that place....

The Lavash bread is great! We put some pizza sauce (TJ's brand of course) and light mozzarella cheese on it and made healthified thin crust pizza. Yum! (Sorry I didn't take a pic-it was in our tummies too fast!)

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday passed quickly with me spending a lot of time on the sofa watching movies like The Karate Kid and Legally Blonde. 

"Whoever said orange was the new pink, was seriously disturbed."

I finally went back to work and caught up on 150 emails, about a dozen late reports, and joking around with my co-workers. Today is my Dad's 63rd birthday-in his memory I represented the blue and orange:

Go Broncos!!! Love you Dad

After work the hubby and I went out for date night....we hit Lazy Dog Restaurant for Happy Hour, and lucked out because it was still early enough for us to get the lunch portions-perfect size! (Pretty soon we'll be heading to Coco's for the Early Bird special because we're just that old.)

While we didn't get to the gym (YIKES-four days in a row) we did buy the man three Nike Dri-fit shirts from Macy's-after a coupon and the sale they were $10 each. Can't beat that! Maybe now he'll stop wearing his good shirts to the gym to get his stank all over. I swear, the man would wear Armani to do biceps curls and not bat an eye.

We will be resuming our gym duties tomorrow-which will be difficult after all the time off, but you have to start somewhere. It was easier going after we made it two or three weeks with going after work. Now we have to get our groove going again.

Running is reduced to no more than two miles a day because my wonderful shins are rebelling against me. Trying to take it easy and do strength training and cross training in the mean time.

Have a good night!

Happy Birthday to my Dad-always on my mind, forever in my heart. <3

P.S. If you want to check out the brewery info and stay up-to-date on the current events, check out: Electric City Brewery


Have you had an injury before? How did you adapt your workout?

Which do you prefer: Starbucks, It's a Grind, Coffee Bean, other?

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  1. I had a pretty severe rotator cuff injury. Anyone who's had it can tell you it is very inconvenient; simple tasks like washing your hair are very painful, not to mention, I couldn't sleep more thank a few hours without getting up to take some aspirin. My strategy to recoup was fairly straightforward: basic stretches, super light weight (2 lbs vs my normal 75lbs) and ice after every work out. I did this for three years--increasing weight as pain would allow--until I finally got my strength back. Even today, five years after my injury, my shoulder pops and cracks, but it almost never hurts me. Lots of people rebut the "No Pain, No Gain" mantra, but that's only because you cant take it too literally. What it really means is: if you don't work for, it will NEVER happen. And such is life...

    Favorite coffee place would be all three, but for different reasons--see below.
    Starbucks: Basic coffees and Caramel Macchiato
    Its-a-Grind: I love their specialty ice blended coffees (Caramel Coconut Crunch, anyone?)
    Coffee Bean: White Chocolate Dream, made Xtreme and with a floating shot.
    ps. never realized I was such a coffee connoisseur before.