Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In the Morning

Lately on my way to work (at the wonderful time of 5:30am) I see more and more people running, some individually, some with a partner, and a few times I've passed a large group of about ten people. Is it just me, or do you get jealous when you see others running in the wee hours of dawn? Actually its not even the time, or the nice cool weather, more so the fact like they're running. I've thought about doing that-waking up an hour earlier to run-but the snooze button always brainwashes me to believe I need more sleep.

But then on my way to work I see this and wonder why I just didn't get up....

After my envious drive to work the day progressed like any other. I was off before I knew it and then it was time to hit the gym with the hubby. I have forced convinced him to run the half marathon with me-which is good for me because I can be super competitive and having him with me will force me to push myself harder. Take today at the gym for example- we had an "easy" three miles on the agenda. Easy for the hubster but me, not so much. I'm huffing and puffing half way through and I look over next to me and not only is he running like its cake, he is on his phone! Probably checking email, purchasing equipment for his business, and texting his brew club buddies. Right....and he's training why?! But come to find out he was having Pandora issues-which I don't know if that's better or not. If he can run like that with crappy music, he'll be the next Bolt with good tunes. Ha!
Well, speaking of his biz, we're off to visit the building. Just FYI he is opening a brewery so you'll probably (eventually) hear a lot of that talk-and like me, learn way more about beer than you thought possible. One thing I know: You can't make beer with dog.
Good night all!

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