Thursday, November 14, 2013

Something Exciting and a Story...

Hi all! Sorry for such a HUGE gap in my posts. We've been extremely busy fixing up the house and trying to get ready for the holidays.

So, I was going to start something on Wednesdays-I know I keep promising this, and it WILL happen-but this week isn't a good week for it. In any case, I have some nerdy, blogger related news. If you know Julie over at PB Fingers then you may be excited too! I've read her blog, and a few others consistently (more than I post, that's for sure!) and Julie was saying how she's been looking for the super cute pullover she bought at Old Navy last year so she can buy another one this year. Well, my last trip to Old Navy I happen to wonder across it! You better believe I went back to work-after buying one-(yes, I go to the mall on my lunch, my to my husband's dismay) and commented on her blog. Imagine my surprise when she not only commented back but mentioned me in one of her posts! I was so excited I even took a picture of my name online...such a nerd! :)

Believe it or not, that wasn't the story! I'll start that now: Our couch finally arrived!!

The Hubby and I went to the furniture store at about 5pm last night to get it. I was really excited, plus it took two weeks longer than what I was quoted, so I was just relieved to have before Thanksgiving. In any case, since they're right around the corner from us we decided to get it ourselves rather than pay $50 for delivery. The two of us muscled two of the sections off the truck and into the house, and the Hubby was on his way back for the last piece when I started unwrapping it.

So, I'm unwrapping and once I finally catch the first glimpse of the fabric I thought, "Wow! This is light fabric!!" (My brain was already thinking, scotch guard, sheets, blankets, etc. to keep it clean.) Well, I finally pull out the pillows and realize this wasn't our couch! We brought someone else's couch home. Luckily the first piece was ours. So the hubby goes and picks up what we think are the last two smaller pieces. Wouldn't you know he gets home and as we're unloading it, one of those wasn't ours either!! At this point, it was pretty comical, especially looking back. Fortunately enough the furniture store sent their delivery guys to come pick up the two wrong pieces and deliver the last piece of ours. We were done at 8pm, that's right folks, three hours!!

I was pretty happy to have it all said and done,

and it looks good too! Now just a new accent table and we'll be all set...oh, and a rug, and..... :)

So glad we are done with that furniture store! It's really good stuff and the prices are reasonable, but man-o-man that customer service is crap-tastic.

Hope you guys are having a good week!


1.) What is your worst customer service experience?

2.) If you work in retail or a service job (haven't we all) what's a horrible encounter you recall?
I remember when I had my first job working as the 1 Hour Photo girl inside Target-I was probably 16 or 17-and the machine that processes the film (gosh....that sounds so old!) broke and it ruined a lady's pictures. I had to explain to her what happened and she started was the last pictures she had of a family member that had just passed away. I felt so horrible!! I went home, told my mom, and cried.

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