Thursday, January 23, 2014

Going Strong....Kind Of

Hello again! I am sorry for my slight absence the last two weeks. I wish I could say something exciting happened, like I got picked to go hiking through the Amazon, or my Hubby surprised me with a vacation in Hawaii (hint, hint there Hubsters) but nothing cool happened. Well, nothing outstanding like that, but a few cool things occurred. :)
First, I am proud to say that my exercise goal for January-although it has not been every day this month-it has been almost everyday. Check it out:

Thursday 1/9: Gym

Friday 1/10: Walk/run intervals on the treadmill

Saturday 1/11: Worked at the brewery hanging the wood panels

Sunday 1/12: Walk

Wednesday 1/15: Walk

Thursday 1/16: Walk

Friday 1/17: Walk and ride bike

Saturday 1/18: 6 mile bike ride

Tuesday 1/21: Walk and 5 mile bike ride

Wednesday 1/22: Gym

Thursday 1/23: Gym

That's it in a nutshell! Yes, there are four days missing, but two of those days I had a migraine. Now the old me would have just given up. I didn't reach the goal, so there is no point in trying to keep working out. But the new me says to keep going to see how much more I can workout. Yay me!

You also may have noticed a few bike rides in the mix....and that is because we got new bikes!

My shins were getting worse and worse, so we decided if I wanted to stay active that I need a lower impact exercise. The bikes are so much fun and we can cover so much ground! We've ridden to a few different spots in the city and I may have fallen once or twice.....opps!

Unfortunately my shifter on my bike stopped working, so it is back in the shop until tomorrow or possibly Monday. Bummer.....and I was looking forward to a long ride this weekend.

The brewery is coming along nicely-and I even participated in helping to hang some wood on our cold box-it made such a huge difference!

It is being stained this week, so it will be darker than it is in the above picture.

In other brewery news, we finally have a logo:

We should be opening sometime in March-make sure you follow us on Facebook so you can come to the grand opening!!

I had been thinking about changing my hair a little, and last week I finally bit the bullet and went for it

This was taken right after I had it done-so it has faded considerably and looks like a reddish-brown. The highlights are under the top of my hair, so you can't tell when it grows out...which is perfect for me since it bugs me the second I see roots. :)

Last, but not least, I was able to pass on some of my football knowledge to my hubby (with a few text messages and help from my brother). Yes, he did not know much about the sport (or any) but that has changed! Last Sunday we hung out at Yardhouse for the second half of the Broncos and the Patriots game so I could show him what was what.

And then guess what happened?!

The Broncos won!!! YAY!! They're going to Superbowl! Yes-I love the Broncos, and the first basketball team I followed was the Nuggets (I even met Laphonso Ellis and spilt water on him). Denver all the way! :)

I hope everyone is having a great week. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! WHOOHOO!


1. What is your favorite sports team?

2. Do you have Superbowl plans?

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  1. Plans for the big game? Hmm, I'm planning on spending super bowl with my lovely wife, some other misc. wonderful people, smoking some stogies, and having a great time! Cant wait :)