Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Almost There.....

I hope everyone is having an awesome Wednesday! I definitely am because:

1. It is almost my "Friday"
2. I got to go out to lunch today
3. I just went by the brewery and MAN!! It is coming along fast now.
4. Last but not least, I get to see my Mom and "little" brother tomorrow!

I am only working a half day tomorrow, and then my favorite visitors will be arriving in time for some home cooked dinner-yes Mom, I'll make Pot Pie. :)

They are here for the WHOLE weekend....and I'm ready to get my shopping on with my mama. Whoo hoo! Why are they here, you may wonder? Well, because someone (ahem, me!) is turning the BIG 3-0. Bummer..... I'm beginning to think everyone either loves this b-day or hates it and for me, it is definitely the later. I am not embracing this like I wish I could....but I still have a few more days for that to happen. (Don't hold your breath!)

In any case, my boss took our department (all six of us) out to lunch today to a fantastic Italian restaurant. Yummy!! Then, after work I went by to see Justen (my man) and how the brewery is doing. I gotta tell you, it's finally sinking in. After months of hearing about this, you think that would have already happened, but for some reason today it just clicked. We're (mainly Justen) opening a brewery. And it's going to be beautiful!! Take a look....

Okay-don't pay any attention to all the stuff on the bar top, but that is the cold room-a large, silver, metal walk-in fridge that has been transformed into a nice, warm, center piece to pour beer out of. Haha....

To catch you up on my workouts-since last Thursday I've been going strong!

Friday 1/24: Gym (cardio)

Sunday 1/26: 13.3 mile bike ride (phew!)

Monday 1/27: Gym (arms and cardio)

Tuesday 1/28: Gym (cardio)

Wednesday 1/29: Gym (legs and cardio)

I will be going in tomorrow as well, for some cardio, but I will more than likely not be back until next week.

Sunday was a lot of fun-Justen and I went for a ride to the brewery and back, for a total of 13.3 miles....I think my legs are still tired!

In other random news, because it wouldn't be my blog if it wasn't random, I've noticed just how much my hair has faded in the last two weeks....yikes!

Looking at it now, it doesn't look the least bit red. I'm kind of bummed because the red was so different, but I must admit I like it now a little better. :)

I also tried to take a few pictures of my meals, and looking back at my pics, this was all I captured:

I made delicious water-adding in a whole cucumber, a lemon, a handful of mint leaves, and some fresh ginger. Man-o-man this was tasty!! You should make this if you have a hard time drinking water. I also made a salad for my lunch this weekend, as well as a very filling breakfast. It may not be pretty, but the potatoes, turkey sausage, and egg was delish-all topped with Del Taco hot sauce because I'm classy like that.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! I probably won't be back until later this weekend, possibly next week, so this is the last time I will blog as a 29 year old. :(


1. Have you dreaded any birthdays?

2. What is your best birthday memory?

I have quite a few, but I'll share the first few that popped into my head.
-My 7th birthday, which was a surprise party! It was also the birthday where everyone (at my mom's instruction) brought me a box of Kleenex. I had a reputation for using tissues and blowing my nose a lot. Don't worry....this didn't scar me or anything. My therapist says I'm getting better. :)
-My 24th birthday, where I thought Justen was taking me to a nice romantic dinner to celebrate, but he ended up proposing. :) Awww....

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